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Eridan ♠ Tavros

"I ams, hows do you says, way more gooders than you." - Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Metalocalypse

tumblr don’t betray me im too tired to have a quality war with you

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aus that need to happen: autumn edition

  • 1) ‘i got caught staring at my adult neighbour raking up a bunch of leaves in their backyard and jumping into them and now have to awkwardly pretend i saw nothing’ au

  • 2) met at a pumpkin patch fighting over the same perfectly round and picturesque pumpkin au

  • 3) ‘me and my roommate decided to decorate our house for halloween but got really into it, and ended up re-enacting several scenes from nightmare on elm street so loud the neighbours called the police to investigate screams’ au

  • 4) ‘i ordered a pumpkin spice latte at starbucks and you made a heart with the foam and i decided to drink it here so i can smile at you some more’ au

  • 5) ‘this stranger on the street corner looks like they’re severely unprepared for this cold weather, here, take my scarf, i was planning on donating it to goodwill anyways’ au

  • 6) ‘i was unaware that there was an organized zombie crawl going on and i didn’t realize you were in a costume and i screamed in your face because i truly thought i was facing a zombie invasion’ au

who do I have to bribe to get that second to last one for some erikar

lizard I need to derail this post because I was thinking through the various prompts for erikar and they didn’t all fit and now I want to know other people’s opinions so

NEW MEME (can I arbitrarily create memes I don’t know)

  • assign a pairing to each prompt
  • bonus: give a reason

somebody do this with me please i am having an attack of shipping and i don’t want to go alone


okay okay so

  1. This could be a REALLY cute Karezi.  Gamtav might also work.
  2. any kismesis pair, pick your favorite hatemance.  Do it.
  3. Jade/Rose.  Actually they do this every year.  The neighbors have learned by now
  4. Can I go with my guilty pleasure ship here?  ‘cuz I’m gonna.  Dave was just practicing foam art, he did that on almost all the orders that day.  Eridan swooned anyway.
  5. Yeah, Erikar.
  6. Sollux stayed up way too late the night before playing horror games.  Aradia’s makeup was scarily anatomically accurate.


what if ladystuck but halloween.

trick or treating, where instead of ringing on doorbells you post a prompt, and whoever takes your prompt can write a treat, a full story/art, or trick you with a joke fill!

I like this idea.

Anonymous asked: 'this stranger on the street corner looks like they're severely unprepared for this cold weather, here, take my scarf, i was planning on donating it to goodwill anyways' au is coming to life and it's erikar and you will be tagged when it's posted

I am so fucking ready for this.

Autism and Race Anthology




Okay, literally everything and everyone in my life needs attention or money. 

But the first-ever anthology of writing by autistic people of color needs money within the next two days to meet its fundraising goal.  Please give if you are able!  And, like, want to read this sure-to-be-amazing book, which I do.

I know this has ended but people still need to know about it

Yes, the Indiegogo fundraiser has ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t donate anymore; that just means that it is slightly harder.

AWN is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and you can still donate by mail/check to the address at this link!

Specify “autism and race anthology” in the check’s subject line.

Thank you everyone for your continued support/reblogging, and big, big thank yous to all the donors who took us from about half of our goal to two-thirds of the way there in the last few hours of the campaign!

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Now that the grub has this crawling thing down, he’s already trying to pull himself up on stuff.  Kid, you aren’t even 6 months old yet, knock that off.




who do I have to bribe to get that second to last one for some erikar

Tell me I’m pretty and I will write the last one for Erikar; any quadrant.

Second to last (the scarf one, featuring Karkat “fuck you early snow it was supposed to be at least 60 this week why does life hate me” Vantas and Eridan “take my scarf and my jacket and also my phone number btw please date me” Ampora).

And you and spadefish both are gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, fantastic, addiction feeding EriKar heroes.

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